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Equine Routines - Academic Year 2022/23 - 2 nights Bursary Award Students




Full Board

Please be aware that this is only available to fully enrolled Plumpton students for academic year 2022/23 who are required to complete routines as part of their qualification.

When paying for multiple dates, please add multiple products to the basket. The fee charged is for ONE THREE NIGHT STAY ONLY

Accommodation must be paid in advance and is non-refundable

Please refer to the terms and conditions


Detailed Description

I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Residence.


I understand that my residential placement for routines can be revoked at any time if I do not comply with the residential terms and conditions.



  1. Conditions of residence


  1. Students must comply with any regulations or instructions issued by College staff.
  2. The College reserves the right to enter the room at any time for the purpose of inspecting the room and to ensure that banned items are not present in the room. On giving reasonable notice (except in the case of emergency) the College may carry out work in the room, to the room, its furniture or equipment, or the building.
  3. Cooking equipment, candles and heaters should not be used in study bedrooms
  4. Students are required to follow the Covid19 Terms and Conditions at all times. Please note that regulations within our Covid-19 Terms and Condition override that which is stated in our residential Terms and Conditions document.


  1. Accommodation


  1. As a trial pilot for the first term of 2022/23: over 18 year old students living within over 18 accommodation, responsible drinking is permitted within the rooms.

Please be very clear that if an over 18 student supplies an under 18 student with alcohol the following action will be taken:

  1. A suspension with immediate effect will be applied to any student sharing alcohol with Under 18 students. The student will need to leave campus for the duration of the suspension.
  2. The police will be informed and a potential fine may be applied.
  • A formal disciplinary warning will be actioned upon their return from suspension.
  1. Alcohol is not permitted in any part of the under 18 accommodation.

Any alcohol found will be confiscated and disposed of. Disciplinary action will be taken.

  1. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the College estate except in the designated smoking shelters.
  2. Students are responsible for keeping their room clean and communal areas tidy. Please note that additional cleaning charges may be issued if students fail to leave their rooms in a reasonable condition at the end of their stay.
  3. Students shall not make any alteration or addition to the room nor cause damage to it and in particular use any form of fixing (including adhesive tape) likely to deface or disfigure any of the internal surfaces, furniture or equipment, nor remove any furniture or equipment from the room. Additional charges will be issued to cover the cost of damage or loss.
  4. The students shall not:
    1. Carry out redecoration or alterations to the room
    2. Change the locks or install additional locks
  • Install or use additional heaters.
  1. Tamper with fire safety equipment (eg. smoke detectors and door closers). Tampering with fire equipment is a criminal offence.
  2. Use any form of substance (such as Blue-tac, tape etc) to fix pictures, posters etc on bedroom walls.
  3. Tamper with security equipment – CCTV or electronic door devices.


  1. Students’ undertake to use their rooms only as study bedrooms for themselves and, in the case of shared accommodation, the person or persons who have been allocated to share with them.
  2. Students undertake to use electricity in a reasonable manner. The College reserves the right to charge the student for excess electricity consumption; for example – constantly leaving lights on when not in the room may lead to a fine deducted from your room deposit.
  3. The hostels are for Residential Students only and visitors are not permitted in any part of the accommodation areas.
  4. Resident students aged under 18 are subject to a 11pm curfew, 7 days a week. This means that all under 18 students should be onsite and in their bedrooms by 11pm. The only exception to this is where permission has been specifically granted by a member of the Wardening team.
  5. Resident students under the age of 18 are required to register with a member of the wardening team at 9pm each evening.
  6. Students must not visit or be present in other student’s bedrooms between 2300hrs and 0830hrs.
  7. Students undertake not to create any nuisance in the rooms or elsewhere likely to cause disturbance to others. Volume levels of audio equipment including musical instruments and televisions should at all times be kept to a level that does not cause annoyance to residents or others using the college grounds or premises.
  8. Students shall not bring any item into their rooms or any part of the building such as a bicycle, vehicle or motor cycle parts.
  9. Students undertake to report any damage, loss or malfunction to the Warden or the Student Services Office without delay.
  10. Students are responsible for the care of college property in their own room and share the responsibility for the care of the college property in the communal areas with the appropriate group of residents, or all the residents as the case may be. The College reserves the right to charge students who fail to keep their room up to the standard in which they found it on entry.
  11. Students are responsible for ensuring that personal television sets have the appropriate licence. A parent’s or personal home licence will not cover sets kept at college.
  12. Students aged 18 years and over are free to leave the College in the evenings, weekend or during private study. For fire safety purposes if leaving campus, you must notify the Warden or the Student Services Office upon leaving and upon returning.
  13. Students under the age of 18 must sign out with a warden prior to leaving site and must sign back in with a warden on their return.
  14. Students will be required to pay for any wilful damage to their rooms, residential or common areas.
  15. Student must completely vacate their rooms at the end of their stay. We do not have storage for personal items so please ensure all belongings are taken with you when you vacate the room.
  16. “Full board” accommodation means 3 meals per day in the college canteen at the set breakfast, lunch and dinner times as displayed in the dining room. In addition, there is an evening snack at 9pm in the canteen.



  1. Charges and Methods of Payment


  1. The charges are payable in advance through the online shop.
  2. Payment is non-refundable. No refunds if cancelled or changed.
  3. Charges cover the provision of heating, lighting and 3 meals a day and evening snack from the college canteen. Meals from the canteen may not be exchanged for food from the college snack bar.
  4. No refund will be made in respect of temporary absence from a room due to sickness or for periods of work experience undertaken during term dates or during private study weeks.
  5. No refund will be given for meals not taken.
  6. The College’s fees policy is available for further information.







Appendix A

Drugs, Alcohol and other banned items


To clarify our position on certain key elements of the college rules, please pay particular attention to this list concerning things which according to the Terms of Conditions of Residence and the College Rules are NOT ALLOWED:


The college has strict rules which will be enforced concerning several issues:


Drugs: Illegal drugs, substances containing CBD, and substances viewed as being new psychoactive substances (also known as legal highs) are not allowed on the college premises, and students found in possession or under the influence of drugs will be subject to disciplinary procedure, suspension and possible loss of their place in college residential accommodation. The college also reserves the right to inform the police and will inform parents.

Please note that the above restrictions also include drug taking accessorises, and paraphernalia related to drug taking. For example, grinders and pipes.


If wardens suspect drug use, they have the right to request that the student/s in question undergo a drug test to determine whether a prohibited substance has been mis-used. If a student refuses to undergo this test, it will be deemed that a prohibited substance has been taken and disciplinary action will be enforced. Such action will result in parental contact (if under the age of 18, or deemed vulnerable) and an immediate college suspension pending further investigation.



Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in ANY of the college buildings. Smoking in buildings is a criminal offence. The disciplinary procedure (including fines) will be imposed for breaking this rule. Smoking must be within permitted areas/shelters.


Animals: Animals, birds and livestock are not allowed in any part of the College buildings (including hostel accommodation) without staff permission. This includes animal remains.


Firearms and Offensive Weapons: Offensive weapons are not to be brought onto college property. Permission to bring a licensed shotgun onto the premises may be discussed with the Principal, but is subject to strict rules on storage and use.

Please note replica weapons that can cause potential harm are not permitted on site. Re-Enactment weapons must be stored off site or in a locked safe place of storage and agreed prior to arrival.


Alcohol: Alcohol is only permitted in the licenced areas of the College (and for a trial period the over 18 rooms for Term 1). No student should attempt to purchase and/or provide alcohol to any under 18 student/s. If a member of staff discover alcohol in the possession of an under 18 student/s, the alcohol will be confiscate and dispose of. Following this, an investigation will be launched in to how and who may have supplied the alcohol. This will include police involvement if deemed necessary.


Students must not drink alcohol during the day as this could pose a considerable risk, especially when working with animals and machinery. Plumpton strongly encourages responsible drinking at all times. Students must be aware of the legal implications and dangers of being over the limit the following morning. Operating machinery or driving agricultural vehicle is illegal under the influence of alcohol. Students failing to adhere to this will face police involvement, potential loss of licence, and removal from course and residence.


When open, over 18 students may purchase alcohol from the college bar. Our bar area is our only licensed area on campus, because of this, when the bar is open, only alcohol purchased from the bar may be consumed in the bar common room area. All privately purchased alcohol must remain in the over 18 rooms and consumed there.


If wardens suspect that an under 18 students has consumed alcohol, they have the right to request that the student/s in question undergo a breathalyser test to determine whether alcohol has been consumed. If a student refuses to undergo this test, it will be deemed that alcohol has been consumed and the disciplinary action for alcohol consumption will be enforced. Such action will result in parental contact and an immediate residential suspension pending further investigation.


Candles and Joss-sticks: Because they are a fire risk, candles, oil burners, joss/incense sticks or similar are not allowed and will be confiscated where found.


Overnight Guests: The College is only responsible for the health and safety requirements of residents; therefore, guests are not allowed overnight. If non-residents are found staying on campus, the resident whose room it is will be charged £20 per person per night accommodation fee for the guest, and may be subject to disciplinary procedure.


            Supervision Levels – parents please note:


When leaving the campus overnight, students are asked to inform Student Services staff if they will not be on site overnight. In practice students are free to return at any time and it will not be possible to monitor precisely the time of return. Any parent who wishes to limit their son/daughter’s travel off site must discuss the arrangements with Student Services.


A member of the Student Services team will contact you if we have concerns about the welfare or behaviour of your son/daughter. We will not contact you for minor transgressions of College rules unless specifically requested to do so.


If there are any issues that you would like to discuss with us that will help us to monitor the wellbeing of your child, please feel free to contact us:


Student Services 01273 892 085


We will be better able to care for you or your son/daughter if we have as much background information as possible about any medical, emotional or any other issues that may either effect or be worrying them. Failure to report on medical issues that leave a student at risk will potentially revoke their accommodation agreement.


If you need to contact us out of hours in an emergency, please phone the student services number 01273 892085, and if necessary leave a message for the warden.



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